riviera & belize BOAT Valuations

Whether you have a luxury motor yacht over 40ft, flybridge or power boat, getting a boat valuation is easy when you enlist R Marine Crawley’s help.

There are a number of reasons you would need a boat opinion of market worth, including:

  • You want to sell your boat.
  • You want to upgrade your current vessel and need to refinance.
  • Your insurance requires a current opinion of market worth for your policy.
  • Or you simply want to know the current value of your boat.

What we can offer

The value of your boat is based on several factors, including:

  • Riviera size and model.
  • Features and equipment.
  • Age and overall condition.
  • How many hours it’s done.
  • Any aftersales modifications made.
  • Non-genuine parts used.
  • Vessel’s history (accident, submerged, run around, recalled parts and so on).
  • Finance owing.
  • If it has warranty.
  • If it has been serviced regularly

Factors are taken into account when we perform the evaluation of your vessel. We complete extensive research through a number of reliable sources and have our own checklists we cover, to deliver a comprehensive report in a timely manner so you can successfully buy, sell or upgrade with confidence.

Our qualified and experienced team can assist with a written opinion of market worth.

Contact our friendly sales team on 07 5529 5007 for a boat opinion of market worth today.