At R Marine Crawley we will teach you how it works

Buying a boat – whether new or used – is without a doubt one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make.

Unlike a new car, which people are more likely to own in their lifetime, not everyone will own a boat. This makes it a special and significant purchase, especially when you take ownership and step on-board for the first time.

At R Marine Crawley we don’t just handover the keys and let you cruise off into the sunset. We take great pride in teaching you exactly how it works, what to do, how to stay safe and where all the equipment is kept.

We want you to enjoy your boat as much as we enjoy getting out on the water too. It’s a pleasure and a privilege, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

That’s why we take the time to show you how to:

  • Run the systems correctly
  • Use the equipment properly
  • Follow procedures
  • Familiarise you with every inch of your new vessel
  • Show you the engine room
  • Run training and tuition
  • Go over your sea skills
  • Take you out on the water so you can get used to how it drives
  • Practice berthing
  • Show you how to tie it up
  • Make sure you are 100 per cent comfortable.

We will make sure you have enough training. If you need more, we will happily help you, especially if there are other family members who need training too, such your wife and children.

The team at R Marine Crawley can also assist with delivering your pride and joy to its new home no matter how far away it may be. It’s all part of the excellent customer service we extend to our clients.

Contact our friendly team on 07 5529 5007 for more information today.